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Welcome to Da Dogs Yard. We are the best place where you can find your pet supplies online. Each time you see your dog you feel loved and to make them feel the same way Da Dogs Yard is the best place where you can explore the necessities of your dog. There are numerous products that play an essential role in maintaining a dog healthy, clean, and up to date. We strive to provide your pet with the most beautiful life they deserve. If you are a veteran or a first-time parent, this place will lead to towards all the good and helpful things. Be a responsible pet parent and understand the need of your dogs.

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Buy German Shepherd Military Collar With 2 Rows Buckle

  • Material : It has a Synthesis Fiber Belt with a cotton plaid cloth with military design.
  • Durable : It is a collar belt that lasts long due to its double-layer fabric and wear-resistant quality.
  • Easy Use : Using it is not a tough job. It has a comfortable detach elastic fetter belt.
  • More the merrier : You can buckle up 5 dogs at the same time with the use of metal buckles and gears. You can easily buckle up your german shepherd with this military collar.
  • Size(M) : 37-45cm/14.57-17.72"
  • Size(L) : 47-53cm/18.50-20.87"
  • Size(XL) : 55-63cm/21.65-24.80"
  • Weight : 0.13kg
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Buy 2 inch Martingale Dog Collar

  • Material : Dog Collar is made from PU leather with an attached chrome-plated hardware chain. It has a soft lining fabric that prevents injuries to the neck of your dogs. It has an alloy metal that is wear-resistance and prevents rust. 
  • Convenience : It is adjustable in terms of size and fully safe for the dogs. It prevents choking due to its easy fixable collar action. It is 2 inch long martingale collar for dogs.
  • Color : Black/Brown/Pink/Blue/Red
  • Size : it is available in three sizes - S/M/L
  • S : 1/2"(1.5cm) width, neck for 14-18"(35-45cm)
  • M : 3/4"(2.0cm) width, neck for 14-18"(35-45cm)
  • L : 1.0"(2.5cm) width, neck for 18-22"(45-55cm)
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Long Leads Non-Slip Nylon Training Walking For Dogs Soft Padded Handle

  • Specialty : It is Shock Absorbent and lightweight rope with premium quality. It has zero risks to harm your dog. The paddle handle does not burn or hurt your hand. You can roughly hold the handle without hesitation. Best part is that it is 100 foot long leash.
  • Durability : It is a long term investment for you and your pet. You can adjust the belt as your dog grows. 
  • Material : It is made from heavy-duty nylon with non slip clip hook excellent fabrics. The handle is made from soft cotton. The buckle is made from a strong alloy that prevents rust.
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Buy Dog Teeth Cleaning Toys - Toothbrush for pet

  • Material : It has a Rubber granular cleaner and is 100% eco-friendly made with 0 chemicals. 
  • Features : it has 2 sided Bristle line grooves and Toothpaste reservoir. 
  • Design : It is designed in a stabilized paw pad shape.
  • Safety : It is entirely safe and harmless for your dogs. 
  • Usage : One can use this regularly for the clean teeth of their dogs. 
  • Method to use : At the top of the toy, there is a hole. You need to squeeze the pet toothpaste inside and let your dog chew and play. Maintain the dog cleaning process and keep their teeth clean.
  • Size : 12.5*12.5*6cm/ 5*5*2.4in
  • Weight : 0.1kg
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